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AmEx Mobile Strategy

iPad + iPhone App Concepts 2013


My design studio Akko helped the world’s most elite credit card company cater to a new crowd - the 99% - through a pilot product for both customers and merchants. 

While AmEx customers have always happily paid membership fees for the great perks of membership, merchants find the fees stifling. Rather than change the cost structure, I suggested an application platform that could bring more value to merchants to make those fees worth every penny. I planned and led a series of workshops with VPs, GMs, PMs, engineers, and designers and honed in on a concept for both customers (iPhone) and merchants (iPad) that create a direct line of communication between the two, helping small businesses better understand and answer the needs of their most valued customers through a dashboard visualization of purchase behaviors and trends. 

Our team worked with AmEx to help refine user stories based on the features that satisfied customer and business requirements and were technically feasible given AmEx’s scope of data and influence. The result were several succinct product goals and requirements for a single leading concept.

We mocked up several different concepts that satisfied the product requirements we had laid out in the previous phase. The mockups followed the user stories, clearly showing in customer terms what the values and opportunities were at each step of the interface.

In the end, we helped the AmEx team move from having lots of potentially good ideas to a single focused product concept that had strong potential to break through to new markets, and helped them to message the product in a way that gained internal traction within their organization. The product proceeded through an agile development process with our input and was piloted with actual customers and merchants to test its viability in the market. 

Detailed designs not shown due to confidentiality.



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