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Mercedes-Benz Connected Car

Automobile Display for Smart Devices 2007 


Before the Tesla, when most dashboards were a series of knobs and small LCD displays, one luxury automobile maker was interested in trying to understand how our cars could integrate with devices to allow everything from phone calls and messages to music be easily and seamlessly. 

I led a multidisciplinary team of 6 designers (industrial, graphic, interaction) to create an innovative solution for a premium physical and screen interface for a unique class of vehicle.

Through research, iterations and refinement, we helped define and refine a set of features and create rough sketches of the core workflows, from the iPhone (or primary device target) to the auto display. As car interfaces have strict safety requirements in design, usability and simplicity played a key role as well.

Due to confidentiality, detailed designs of this project are not shown.



// Market Research

// Customer Research

// UX & Interaction Design

// Visual Design

// Hardware Concepting

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