Product + UX Design + Startup Advisor

FarmersWeb UX & Brand

Rebrand, Web Design, Strategy & Promotion 2013


I led my studio to help an early stage startup help small farms reach big buyers. FarmersWeb helps restaurants connect with the finest produce from local farms, attempting to replicate the "farmer's market" experience on a mass scale. They also manage logistics and shipping and save money for their customers by consolidating orders along common routes and schedules, a significant UX challenge on the product side for a customer base that is used to clipboards and phone calls to conduct day-to-day business.

When we engaged with FarmersWeb, they had an MVP with a modest but loyal customer base and some well known customers, including Mario Batalli and the Mets.

We re-architected and redesigned the entire product, leveraging consumer eCommerce design patterns and a unique visual solution that made a complex workflow feel simple and intuitive.

Following the product work, we did a full brand strategy effort which culminated in a revamp of their microsite, core messaging and logo to give them a more polished presence against emerging competitors.



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