Product + UX Design + Startup Advisor

Canine Fitness Tracker

Mobile Design “MVP” 2013 


I took a company from napkin sketch to polished product in weeks, earning them a round of fresh funding and becoming a viable player in a lucrative new market. 

FitBark is a physical dog collar with a mobile app that allows owners to track their dog's physical activity and sleep and compare it to its own. With a strong correlation between obese dogs and their owners, the app would benefit owner health by encouraging them to stay fit. Journals and photos are shared among families while reports could be generated and sent to veterinarians, creating user-generated stories that are both great for making memories and also to help health professionals understand the canine's lifestyle.

When I first met FitBark, they had exceed their $35,000 Kickstarter goal to create a “FitBit for Dogs” by $50,000, and the pressure was on to create a beta product based on a few rough sketches and a physical prototype. We helped the company hash our and prioritize product requirements, detail a framework, and create a pixel-perfect specification that left them with a product on par with bigger competitors, in a space where they were second to market.

Rather than create a “Me Too” application, our competitive reviews unveiled exactly how they could be both unique and innovate beyond their predecessors in terms of features as well as a unique target audience. 



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