Product + UX Design + Startup Advisor

Glamsquad: On-Demand Beauty

As Interim Head of Product for GLAMSQUAD, a rapidly growing Series B in the on-demand beauty space, I established 2016 product roadmap and led our product team organization, processes and hiring efforts while contributing as the sole product designer and PM for two major product releases as we scale the team.


> Defined core product squads (Growth, Retention, Service Providers, Internal Ops) and articulated 2016 product roadmaps for each area, presenting business/customer/technology cases and monthly progress for key initiatives to our board and internal stakeholders.

> Led quantitative/qualitative studies, stakeholder/SME interviews, and competitive/comparative audits to explore and prioritize opportunities to inform product features and prioritization.

> Introduced new data analytics processes to establish baseline performance, set expected outcomes for feature releases, and test, track, evaluate and iterate upon the success of those releases.

> Designed GLAMSQUAD's iOS 2.0 Client app, a full redesign of the app from the ground up (Summer 2016 release). Included hands-on UX and visual design, prototyping, multiple rounds of usability testing, and animation (microinteraction) studies to aid in development. 

> Designed GLAMSQUAD's first native app for the platform's on-demand professionals (Summer 2016 release). Included ethnographic shadowing, design sprints, multi-city focus groups and surveys, MVP definition, and full-stack product design.

> Product owner for a responsive web new customer acquisition and onboarding experience, focusing on lead generation and conversion through both first time booking flow and multi-channel drip campaigns.

Product images coming soon.