Product + UX Design + Startup Advisor

LG Future of TV

Future of TV Concepts 2008



LG looked to better understand the North American audience by having a design agency create scenarios and design concepts for a 3 year out television platform that leverages connectivity and social networks.

I led a team of designers to create a series of product concepts and an experience video, ultimately presenting the work to an R&D team of 200+ directors, designers, and technologists at the company's headquarters in Seoul. 

The concepts focused on creating a better TV watching experience by focusing on: 

// Making television a less isolating experience by opening up social networks and allowing discovery amongst friends and family easier. 

// Creating a liquid interface that changes depending on what’s happening in the room and what you’re trying to do on TV. 

// Creating a more seamless experience between multiple in-home TVs and multiple family members, couples, and roommates to make management of consumption smarter. 

// Exploring Smart Home scenarios by looking to make home entertainment more than just about the screen, but audio, lighting and more.

I presented the final concept in a solo presentation at LG's R&D facility in Seoul, Korea, in front of approximate 200 employees ranging from leadership to product managers, designers and developers. 



// Market Research

// Ethnography

// UX & Interaction Design

// Visual Design

// Creative Direction (Video, Graphic Design, Industrial Design)

// Storyboarding

// Hardware Concepting