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Met Promotional Strategy

Integrated Campaign 2011


"Akko's work strikes just the right note of friendliness and approachability, helping visitors overcome barriers to entry. The great part is the tone — this can be a fun, simple thing."

Erin Coburn, Head of Department of Digital Media, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART


I helped the city’s biggest museum feel smaller, telling a celebrity-backed story that the museum is what *you* think is cool. I led a team to conduct research, conduct a deep investigation of the museum's rich, complex and diverse visitor segments, and existing and aspiration brand attributes to create a campaign that brought sign ups to their new "MyMet" service which provided personalized curation and more. 

The campaign spanned video and print, and included celebrities such as Alicia Keyes and Seth Meyers identifying works at the museum that they found compelling - a nod to the Met's original mission statement from the 1800's that it is the one museum in New York whose mission is to "bring art to the masses". 

I assembled a team of graphic designers, illustrators, and motion graphics artists, and worked with the museum stakeholders on several rounds of storyboards and style studies for keyframes to help give direction to the team.



// Creative Direction (Motion Graphics, Art Direction)

// Graphic Design

// Copywriting

// Storyboarding

// Stakeholder Interviews