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Samasource Branding & Redesign

Rebrand, Strategy & Web Design 2011


I helped an innovative thought leader dodge bigger competitors and land Fortune 500 clientele by leading a complete overhaul of both the brand strategy, design and messaging of their outbound communication. 

Samasource provides high quality Microwork, or small, human-powered tasks, to companies like Google and Intuit, while empowering employees and work centers in developing countries with skilled employment and income. Under the threat of over a dozen competitors, I led a complete branding, messaging and design overhaul to more accurately message why they were better - and more ethical - than their competition. The outcome was over 200% increase in lead generation, bringing them better business from bigger brands. 

When my studio first engaged with Samasource, they had two websites - a .COM and a .ORG. The former was meant to cater to Silicon Valley companies that were potential partners and clients, the latter a call-to-action for donors to communicate their non-profit mission. The problem: the .ORG messaging made them seem less professional than their competitors, and the .COM messaging made them see like a for-profit company to potential donors. Through iterative design and workshopping, I set out to combine the two sites into a holistic message that supported the idea that a non-profit can have a non-profit mission (building individual-owned service centers) while offering a high-quality service to clients.

Non-profits are notorious for passionate, intelligent people with strong opinions. I let innovation workshops with stakeholders from the CEO to the sales team to prioritize features and ideas to help better communicate what Samasource does best. We did a deep dive on the two sites to look for inefficiencies, as well as opportunities to combine navigation and simplify the architecture. 

We had an honest conversation about whether Samasource excelled against their competitors and where they felt short, to truly celebrate their strengths and address their shortcomings. We also reviewed their entire sales to fulfillment process to better understand what they do vs. what they said they did and produced service design documentation to feed our content strategy and copywriting efforts.

We tackled the messaging and how it might manifest itself in rough wireframes to find the right balance of copy and image. We looked for opportunities for bold, simple statements that clearly conveyed what they do, with prominent call to actions to maximize leads. We moved towards a friendlier brand and messaging that celebrated that Samasource, unlike its anonymous competitors, was comprised of real people, highly educated and competent.

I worked with Samasource on realigning their brand and having a more holistic approach to being a non-profit that's *also* good for business. I also managed the development process to ensure that the final output was pixel-perfect.

As a result of the rebrand and redesign, Samasource has gone on to see substantial growth, doubling their leads after launch. They continue to evolve their site as their business grows using our style guide for messaging, tone and visual design and adding services and content as their organization grows.



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